Mid august recent stock purchases

We’re in the middle of august and I have recently purchase several stocks.

Here is what I bought:

(RIG) Transocean – This stock has a P/E of 9.23 compare to the industry which is 16.43. RIG forward P/E is 11.77, with a 5 year PEG of 0.86. Their forward annual dividend rate is 3.00, forward annual dividend yield is 6.60%, and payout ratio is 53%.

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July 2014 Recent Purchase

So I decided to initiate 2 more buys for July. I end up buying (DE) Deere & Company & (MCD) McDonald. I bought these in a recent dip. (DE) When analyzing this stock the P/E is at 9.51, compare to (CAT) 17.85, compare to industry 17.53. As you can see De is cheaper than Cat […]


Liquidate my saving to investing

We’re not at the end of the month yet, but I have already decided to make a big move this month for July. I have liquidated some of my saving because I decided that I will not be buying another rental property, since I am working oversea it’s hard to find people to manage and […]


What type of investors are you

There are the many type of investor that prefers different styles and methods. One may allow emotion to affect them and can make rash decision by thinking about it too much. Other may be too afraid to jump in the stock market and try to time the market. Some may prefer the automation method and […]