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2014 Goals

2014 Personal & Financial Goals List

Here are my goals for 2014; hopefully I will be able to achieve it.

Financial Goals

1)      Add about $6,500 more to my lending club account currently I have about ($8,500) in it.

2)      Max my 401k and my IRA.

3)      Contribute to my ESPP (Employee Stock Purchase Plan) currently contributing max which is 20%.

4)      Contribute about $50,000+ into my taxable account between Vanguard Total stock market index and vanguard total international stock market index. (Already contributed $5,000).

5)      Increase my secondary saving to at least $20,000 or more when I am done working as an expat. This will be for buying a used car and also maybe a down payment for another house. (Currently at $10,000).

6)      Increase principal payment of personal house to about $500+. I am currently paying the minimum amount which is $479.58 and I currently owe about $99,758. I would like to get the mortgage down to $60,000 this year if I can.

Personal Goals

1)      Start a blog and learn how to network. (Currently working on my blog)

2)      Learn to create website, using SEO, and contribute more to personal finance forum.

Would like to have more personal goals but due to the fact I am working oversea my option is limited so this will be it for now. I’m ready to tackle these goals I know that my financial goals are a bit ambition but hey all you can do is aim high and challenge yourself. If I fail I will learn from my mistake and keep on trucking. The path of FIRE is calling my name and nothing will stop me. It may take me 5 – 20 years or more, hopefully not, but I am ready to move forward and envision my dream.