August 2014 Monthly Net worth

*Numbers that are in ( ) will be compare from last month.
Cash$12,929 (-$5,717)CC Debt$814 (-$814)
Saving$41,640 (-$217)Home Mortgage$95,583 (-$200)
Taxable Investment$207,773 (+$10,398)Rental Home$59,371 (-144)
Retirement$131,171 (+$5,051)
Personal & Rental Home$270,668 (-$23,708)
Lending Club$11,449 (+606)
Total:$675,630 (-$13,607)$155,768 (+470)$519,862 (-$14,077)

Here is my August 2014 monthly net worth, I know it’s a bit late.

My net worth drop a bit buy mainly due to zillow zestimate, might not be that accurate, I might have to use my original appraisal value to keep it consistent.

*Key notes for this month:

1) Contributed $5,000 to my Vanguard Total Stock Market Index fund.

2) Purchases some  dividend stock here and also added to my portfolio:

- TGT Qty: 43 shares for $58.05 8/15/14

- PFE Qty: 86 shares for $28.88 8/20/14

- YUM Qty: 20 shares for $72.14 8/27/14


Previous month goals

  • Contribute $5,000 + to my vanguard taxable account. Completed
  • Purchase 2-5 dividend stock. Completed
  • Expecting to pay my travel expense this month. Completed

Goal for September:

  • Contribute at least $1,000 - $3,000 to Vanguard Total Stock Market Index fund.
  • Start saving up more capital,  I might be making a job changing decision soon so my finance might change  bit. So I want to increase my saving a bit just in case I decided to change my job.
  • Continue to buy more dividend stock expecting to purchase 2 - 5 dividend stocks, and also expecting dividends next month.

How did you do for your August net worth?

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