Big changes & new adventure

I wanted to update on my big change and career move. Recently I decided to take a big step and made a career move. I’m still currently working the same skilled trade but decided to go with a different company and start my new adventure. Some of you may know that I spent almost 3 years working in Afghanistan and accumulated a lot of my asset from working over there.

I decided that I was fed up and done with over there; I think 3 years is good enough. I have signed with a new company but will probably not start until the beginning of next year. This job will still be oversea, but I will be doing more traveling. So I will have a bit of downtime and no income coming in. So my expense will increase a bit, I will try to manage my expense since it will be a challenge since I’m so used to oversea lifestyle and not having to pay many expense oversea. I still have a bit of cushion that I save in anticipation of my new job and my unemployment for a couple of week. For now I will just use my FRIP account to buy my stocks with Scottstrade and reinvest all of my dividends.

I have made some changes like rollover my 401k to my personal vanguard traditional IRA and split it into 80% stock and 20% bond to follow my asset allocation plan. I invested in the Vanguard Total Stock Market Index Fund and Vanguard Total Bond Market Index. I will not be contributing anymore new cash into my account until my new job start. Overall I think I did a pretty good job of investing for this year and hoping next year to grow more of my dividend portfolio. Next year will be an exciting adventure.

Have you made any big changes lately or plan on making any changes?


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