Qualifying for expat tax benefits

So one of the benefits of working oversea is the expat tax benefits that you’re allow to receive if you meet a certain requirement. This benefit is known as Foreign Earned Income Exclusion.

According to the IRS, the requirements to qualify for this benefits are:

To claim the foreign earned income exclusion, the foreign housing exclusion, or the foreign housing deduction, you must have foreign earned income, your tax home must be in a foreign country, and you must be one of the following:

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Volunteering Abroad

Which countries would you like to volunteer at?

So have you ever thought about volunteering abroad?

For the past couple of months I have been looking at abroad volunteering programs for when I go on my R&R from work. I recently found one and applied to it, the volunteering organization is called a broader view (ABV), I was accepted and I’m so excited and can’t wait until October for my program to start. I plan to go to Cusco, Peru for 2 week, taking a Spanish immersion class and helping out in a children orphanage center.

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The Pros and Cons Of Working Oversea

Ever thought about working oversea? Not a bad idea huh, I will list some pro & con of working oversea.

Pro’s of working oversea:

•You make good money depend on your location. I have been working in the Middle East for over 2 years so you can expect around $80,000 - $250,000 if you’re looking in the Middle East. There are many construction projects worldwide that you can consider like Africa, Dubai, Germany, and more.

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