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Finance forum board

These are the forums board that i find is very useful check it out.

Get Rich Slowly - Slow and steady will win the race! Personal finance tips and a fiscal fitness journal that you can post your goals and debt reduction plan. You will also get critique and positive support from your peers. I find posting your goals help you to focus more and to better track your goals, also you get other poster tips and advice that is very helpful. Everyone need some help sometimes and it’s good to have people surrounding you that will support you.

Saving Advice - It’s better to save then to spend without any savings. Dedicated to saving and also have a 52 week saving challenges that you can post to keep track of if you’re saving for an emergency fund and etc. You get support from the forum board and encouraging other poster, helping them to succeed.

Money Talk - It’s all about the money! Do you like talking about money and making money. This site is just for just you from making money online, personal finance, investing, and more.

Early Retirement - Dedicated to people trying to achieve FIRE (Financially Independence Retired Early) and making your money last during your retirement. They also have information about traveling to different country and living as an expat. Nice message board if you’re considering the FIRE life.

Boglehead - This message board is based on the famous John “Jack” Bogle founder of the Vanguard Group, following his investing philosophy. He insisted that index fund over time will perform better than an active manage fund. This is one of my favorite forums, and I strongly follow his investing philosophy.

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