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Hello guys this is my first post. YAY!!!! I am new to this blogging stuff so bare with me while I learn and improve my blogging skills. I am actively seeking new ways to earn some passive income and to fulfill my goal of becoming FIRE (Financially Independent Retired Early). God knows that I do not want to be in the Middle East working my whole life but since I have this opportunity, I decided to take the challenge and to get ahead in life.  Financially, I would say I am stable but since I am young I like to take risk also. Just wanted to give some information on my finances.


Liquid Saving: $70,000

Taxable Investing

Vanguard: $53,000

Scotts trade: $49,000 (Current Holding in GA - Giant Interactive, AMD - Advanced Micro Devices, BAC - Bank of America, CLNE - Clean Energy Fuel Corp)

Lending Club - $8,400

Roth IRA & 401k


Total for Investments: $207,400


Currently own 2 houses 1 rental house and 1 house I bought for my mom.

Mom House: Owe $99,900

Rental House: Owe $60,000 (Received monthly income of $855)

The journey has just begun so I will be updating more soon so hang in there with me. I also posted some links on the bottom right of forum board that I used and have learn a lot from them