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Index investing fund

Hello guys I wanted to talk about investing in index funds today. Many people are afraid to jump into investing or they do not know where to start. Picking individual stocks can be very nerve racking so a lot of people hesitant to jump in the market. I believe that there is a better way instead of trying to pick a winning stock and having to lose sleep. I will suggest investing in an index funds. An index fund diversifies your holdings, instead of buying individual stocks with index fund you’re buying thousand of stocks in one fund. This is what we called diversification. Would you rather have all your money invested in one stock or thousands of stocks? These index funds are a good starter for people who do not want to buy individual stock market. I recommend Vanguard because of their low fees and the index fund vanguard total market index, total international index, and total bond market index funds. There are also other funds if you want to be more diversifying and you don’t have to go with vanguard. There are other companies that have index fund like T Rowe price and Fidelity. Do your research and check the expense ratio fee, most of your index fund fee will be under 1%.