July 2014 Net worth

*Numbers that are in ( ) will be compare from last month.
Cash$18,646 (+$2,494)CC Debt0 (-$4,598)
Saving$41,857 (-$30,468)Home Mortgage$95,783 (-$199)
Taxable Investment$197,375 (+$22,938)Rental Home$59,515 (-$143)
Retirement$126,120 (+$9,398)
Personal & Rental HomeZestimate: $294,396 (+$18,281)
Lending Club$10,843 (+$517)
Total:$689,237 (+$23,203)$155,298 (-$4,940)$533,939 (+$28,398)

Here is my July 2014 net worth.


Rental checking account: $3,177 Paid my rental home mortgage and I did not get any rental income this month since the tenant paid in 2 month advance. I should get a rental check next month.

Personal checking account: $15,319 I am above my minimum of $10,000 so that’s good, I am looking to invest my money in the stock market or save for my upcoming travel expense.

Saving Account: $41,857 (-$30,468) From my post here and last month goals, I mention that I will liquidate some of my saving to invest more in the stock market. I still have at least 6 month + for my emergency fund. I withdraw about -$26,000 to invest in, and about -$4,500 for my travel expense in October.

Interest rate received from savings account: +$33.00

Taxable Investing

Stocks I currently own

1) VOD - $10,198 (Dividend stock)

2) MCD - $4,822 (Dividend stock)

3) DE - $4,851 (Dividend stock)

4) CLNE - $5,478 (Non dividend stock, small cap, bought this long time ago)

5)BAC - $12,322 (Dividend stock, but not paying that much)

6) AMD - $20,363 (Non dividend stock, bought this stock long time ago)

Cash for investing: $10,013 (Looking to make some buy in August.)

Total: $68,047


Taxable  Investment: $118,485 Consist of my index funds total International & total stock market index funds. I was able to  invest $10,000 for this month.


IRA: $11,959

Roth: $42,410

401k: $70,666

Lending Club: $10,843 (+517) I contributed $500 and earned $17. I decided to stop automated investing and start picking my own notes now. Seem like I am getting more defaults, so I will continue to monitor this and set my own criteria to see if it gets any better.


CC debt: I was able to paid all of it off from last month, but I am still expecting some more travel expense.

Personal Home: $95,783 (-$199)

Rental Home: $59,515 (-$143)

Previous month goals:

  • Continue to contribute to my vanguard taxable account, I am estimating about $8,000+ that I can probably contribute. I was able to contribute $10,000. (Completed)
  • Plan on liquidating some of my saving account due to the fact my goals have changed will keep you posted. (Completed)
  • Contribute $500 to my lending club account. (Completed) I have set lending club to withdraw $500 each month, I might change my mind later on.
  • Invest in individual stocks to create my dividend portfolio for long-term growth and passive income. (Completed) Long DE, VOD, & MCD.
  • I still have more travel expense and volunteer fee I will have to pay, so I am expecting about $-2,000 more that I will be paying later on. (Not Completed) I did not pay any travel expense but probably will in August.

Goals for August:

  • Contribute $5,000 + to my vanguard taxable account.
  • Purchase 2-5 dividend stock.
  • Expecting to pay my travel expense this month.

My net worth is up +$28,398, I still got a long way to go and also my net worth is increasing fast is because of my job. So it won’t last forever, but investing now seem logic and I have a decent emergency fund to cover me if anything happen.

How was your July net worth?



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