June 2014 Net worth

*Numbers that are in ( ) will be compare from last month.

AssetAmountLiabilitiesAmountNet worth
Checking$16,152 ($+3,188)CC Debt$4,598 ($+4030)
Saving$72,325 ($+53)Home Mortgage$95,982 (-199)
Taxable Investing$174,437 (+17,862)Rental Home$59,658 (-142)
Retirement$116,722 (+3,113)
Personal/Rental HomeZestimate $276,115 ($+22,222)
Lending Club10,326 ($+513)
Total:$666,007$160,238$505,769 (+51,541)

Here you go this is my June 2014 net worth break down.

I made my table a little bit simpler than before so hope it’s a bit easier than last month to follow.


Checking account: Last month I posted 2 accounts that I use for personal and rental. I decided to just combine the 2 on the table but I still have 2 accounts.

Rental checking account: $3,762 I did have some unexpected expense that I had to pay off this month beside my mortgage like:

  • Redo landscaping because it was flooding in certain area: $-770
  • Paid my flood insurance: $-312
  • Mortgage: $-584
  • Total Expense: $-1666

I did get my rental check in and the tenant paid in advance for June & July so I received $+1,800.

Personal checking account: $12,240 I had several expenses I had to pay off and also I was able to stay above my minimum I wanted in my checking account which is $10,000. Expenses that I paid off were:

  • CC debt: $-688
  • Personal home mortgage: $-479

Saving Account: I gained some interest on this money only $53.00, but I guess it’s better than nothing so I will take that.

Taxable investing: I was able to invest$10,500 into my vanguard which is good. Also I transfer $1,500 to my Scottstrade brokerage account and I plan on building it up so that I can buy some dividend stocks. I would like to get at least $10,000 minimum to invest for individual stock. So I end up making $+5,682 from the market which is good.

Retirement: This includes my contribution for my 401k & Roth/Ira so it increased $+3,113, I like the way it look so far.

Personal home/ Rental home: $+22,222 I am using zestimate so I know it’s not that accurate but that’s the only number I can go by for now until I get a real appraisal.

  • Personal: $154,329 ($+6,302)
  • Rental: $121,786 ($+15,920)

Lending Club: $10,326, I contribute $500 and will probably start slowly contributing a little bit. I did have some charge off that’s probably why I only gain $+13. I just started this account so hopefully it gets better.


CC Debt: $-4598 I totally blew my budget but I’m planning my trip back home to the states and also preparing to volunteer abroad, so most of my money is spent on traveling and airplane ticket. I decided to take a training class to further my education, on this trip I plan on using my vacation fund to pay for this.

Expenses that I spent on CC:

  • Airplane ticket back to the states: $-1,342
  • Fiber optic training class: $-1850
  • Airplane ticket to volunteer location “Peru”: $-1,137
  • International volunteer application fee: $-29.00
  • Studio press bought myself a new theme to make my blog look “sexy”: $-129.00
  • Groceries and personal items: $-111.00
  • Total: $-4598

Personal home: $95,982 (+199) I am paying the minimum monthly payment of $479.00, I don’t plan on adding extra money because my interest rate is low, it’s at 3.5% rate and I rather invest my money than pay this down.

Rental home: $59,658 ($+142) same with this one the interest rate is low 4.5% and paying minimum of $584.00.

So my net worth went up to about $+51,541 which is very good. Mainly due to the zestimate from both of my house made a pretty big jump. I continue to contribute more to my taxable and the market been doing good this month so a bit of increase from the market appreciation.

Goals for next month:

  • Continue to contribute to my vanguard taxable account, I am estimating about $8,000+ that I can probably contribute.
  • Plan on liquidating some of my saving account due to the fact my goals have changed will keep you posted.
  • Contribute $500 to my lending club account.
  • Invest in individual stocks to create my dividend portfolio for long-term growth and passive income.
  • I still have more travel expense and volunteer fee I will have to pay, so I am expecting about $-2,000 more that I will be paying later on.

Hopefully my expense will be lower next month, the traveling cost is putting a hurt on me, but I don’t have many option.

How was your June net worth?

Do you have any goals you want to accomplish in July?







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