Why millenial should consider working overseas

Where will you go?

So you just graduated from college and excited to start your new life and job. You have student loan debt that you have no idea how you’re going to pay for it. You started to apply for jobs only to keep getting turn down. You notice several people that you graduated also applying for the same job as you. So you feel hopeless and not motivated enough since there are too many competitions.

Have you ever consider applying for jobs oversea?

Moving out of your comfort zone

There are many millennial that prefer to work at their home location because of their bond to their friends and families. They try to find a job that accommodate to them and stay where they’re comfortable at. Issue may arise because they’re focusing in one area rather than being more open to new location. There are times when you have to relocate, just to take a job because you cannot find one in the area you wanted. By trying to stay at home you’re limiting yourself. Also you just graduated and lack experience so you need any job that pertain to what you study even if it doesn’t pay well, over time by networking and gaining experience you can make yourself more marketable.

I know some people that would rather not move from home, but will continue to go back to school and pile more student debt because they cannot find jobs around their area. This lack of vision will cost them many opportunities if they’re not willing to be flexible.

In 2011 I decided to move out of my comfort zone and I chose to take a job in Afghanistan of all places in a warzone. I have never been oversea before and didn’t know what to expect from there. I was scared and nervous, but I was able to talk to former employee that used to work at that location and were able to ask them question. They told me it wasn’t that bad, so I arrive in Afghanistan and after 1 month of being there, I was able to adapt to the lifestyle and environment. I have been here over 2.5 years now, and do not regret the decision I had made.

Taking this job was the best opportunity for me; I would not be where I am today financially if I haven’t taken this job.

Are you ready to make that move?

According to study with PWC They found that “Millennial have a strong appetite for working overseas and 71% expect and want to do an overseas assignment during their career. This is great news for many employers looking for global growth. However, the bad news is that millennial are attracted to destinations like the US, UK and Australia at the top of their wish list, and only 11% were willing to work in India and 2% in mainland China. Despite this, over half said they would be willing to work in a less developed country to further their career.”

Millennial should consider working oversea, it can open many doors, the more open you’re to creative option the better position you will be in to gain more experience. By looking into oversea job you’re differential yourself from many people that are not willing to seize the opportunities when they see it. You will never know if you do not try. Gaining experience should be a priority; most companies want certain years of experience. This will later on show that you have oversea experience and do not have a problem traveling. You can learn more about different culture, languages and view it in a different perspective. Check out my article of the Pro & Cons of working Oversea.

Thinking retirement yet

According to Cnn Money the average student loan debt is: $29,400

Having this opportunity can get you ahead in life with your personal finance. This is a great opportunity to knock down that debt, focus on saving & investing for your retirement. Most oversea job qualify for foreign earn income tax benefit for U.S. citizens, not sure about other countries. You will have a peace of mind because you know that you don’t have to be stress financially. You can focus more on your career and also enjoy the new countries and a new life.

Since you just graduated you have more freedom and you should try doing oversea work since you’re young. This gives you ability to see what’s out there in the world. You will never know you might like the countries you’re working at. Learn to explore new possibilities and to achieve greatness.

I have enjoyed my time working oversea and would never trade it for anything. I was not in bad shape financially when I started in 2011, but I was able to pay off my car (currently don’t own one no more, donated to my brother). I was able to buy 1 personal home (for my mother) and buy one rental house. I am now saving for my retirement and investing for my future. My net worth has increase substantially and I have to thank myself for the decision of taking a big leap on taking an oversea job.

Although all contracts are different, there are many perks including tax benefits depending on your countries also, you should consider working oversea and the experience that you will gain from this.

So what do you think have you consider working oversea before?

If you have work oversea before I would love to hear from your experience.