November 2014 monthly net worth

*Numbers that are in ( ) will be compare from last month.
Cash$25,403 (+5,080)CC Debt$1,633 (-$1,327)
Saving$42,741 (+33.00)Home Mortgage$94,978 (-$202)
Taxable Investment$207,368 (-$13.00)Rental Home$58,937 (-$145)
Retirement$132,544 (+$1,798)
Personal & Rental Home$253,000 (0)
Lending Club$11,697 (+102)
Total:$672,753 (+$7,000)$155,548 (-1,674)$517,205 (+$8,674)


Here is my November 2014 net worth.


Rental checking account: $3,474 (+315.00) - Received my rental check of $1,000 pay my property management fee 10% & pay my rental mortgage. The rest I put it back into my rental account for future repairs.

Personal checking account: $21,928 (+4,914) - I received my last paycheck from my vacation hours I have accrued. So I will not be receiving any paycheck this year until I start my new job.

Saving Account: $42,741 (+33.00) - Did not contribute to any this month just received from interest.

Taxable Individual Stock

I made a purchases this month with my FRIP Account:

I purchased RIG Qty: 9 shares for $29.07 11/10/2014

(Dividend Received for this month)

11/3/14 DE - $34.20

11/7/14 YUM - $8.20

Total Dividend Received from brokerage account: $42.40

Total Balance in FRIP:  $24.35 (-$244.77) 

Total Brokerage Account: $76,509 (-2,198)


Taxable  Investment: $130,859 (+1,944) Consist of my index funds total international & total stock market index funds.

Total: $130,859

Dividend Received: $0



$15,080 (Vanguard Total Bond Market Index Funds)

73,523 (+$60,992) (Vanguard Total Stock Market Index Funds)

Total: $88,603

Dividend Received: $13.23 from total bond index fund.

This big increase is due to my 401k that I recently rollover when I left my employer.


Vanguard Total Bond Market Index - $31,896 (+$210)

Vanguard Total Stock Market Index - $12,044 (+$286)

Total: $43,940 (+496)

Dividend Received: $64.29 (-$1.57)  from total bond index fund.


Rollover account to my TIRA.

Lending Club: $11,697 (+102.00) - I did not contribute anything here just gained from interest and reinvesting.


CC debt: $1,633 (-1,327) - I paid off my credit card but end up racking up more debt to buy items for when I start my new job. I am still able to make my payment in full until I start my new job, so this is a little setback for me.

Personal Home: Regular Monthly payment.

Rental Home: Regular Monthly payment.

Previous month goals:

None right now due to my situation.

Goals for this month:

I have no planned goals this month until I start working again.

Well my last paycheck came back for the end of the year and I will be without a paycheck for at least 1 month if everything work out good. I am expecting to start my new job Jan 2015 so it will be a new adventure and new goals. I did go to my training that I have schedule but wasn’t able to attend my volunteer vacation in Peru due to some unexpected personal family matters.

How did you do for the month of November?


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    Thanks for sharing your recent net worth update with us. Nice to see those dividends rolling in along with some nice LC figures too. I still haven’t gone into Prosper or Lending Club but it seems that quite a few of the dividend bloggers who invest in those notes are doing well. I may consider it one day.

    • says

      Thanks for stopping by, Yea I’m still experimenting with LC but I also need to do a better job of tracking it too. I will eventually add more details on LC & with my new job next year and less pay my investment strategy might change a little bit. Hoping that next year that I can still contribute more.

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