October 2014 monthly net worth

*Numbers that are in ( ) will be compare from last month.
Cash$20,323 (-1,877)CC Debt$2960 (+$2831)
Saving$42,708 (+568)Home Mortgage$95,180 (-$202)
Taxable Investment$207,381 (+$2057)Rental Home$59,082 (-$145)
Retirement$130,746 (+$1,851)
Personal & Rental Home$253,000 (0)
Lending Club$11,595 (+41)
Total:$665,753 (+$2,804)$157,222 (+2,484)$508,531 (+$320)

Here is my October 2014 net worth.


Rental checking account: $3,159 - For this month my rental check should of been $900, but had an A/C repairs so I end up getting $570.00 for this month. My monthly mortgage is about $584 so I lost about ($-14.00).

Personal checking account: $17,014 - Paid some bills.

Saving Account: $42,708 (+568) - Contributed $500 + interest received.

Taxable Individual Stock

Purchases made for this month:

1) ETN Qty: 24 shares for $62.48 10/7/14

2) EMR Qty: 24 shares for $61.83 10/7/14

FRIP (Dividend Received for this month)

AGU - $7.01

Total Dividends in FRIP:  $269.12 (+41.93) (Currently in my FRIP account, I will invest when the balance hit @ $1,000.)

Total Brokerage Account: $78,707 (-531)


Taxable  Investment: $128,915 (+3202) Consist of my index funds total international & total stock market index funds.

Total: $128,915

I was able to Contributed $1,500 to my Vanguard Total International Stock Index Funds in my taxable account.

Market Gain (+$1702), not bad for this month the market been fluctuating a lot.

Dividend Received: $0


TIRA: $12,531 (+$282) (Vanguard Total Stock Market Index Funds)

Dividend Received: $0


Vanguard Total Bond Market Index - $31,686 (+$335)

Vanguard Total Stock Market Index - $11,758 (+$265)

Total: $43,444 (+599)

Dividend Received: $65.86 from total bond index fund.


Vanguard Institutional Index Fund - $38,445 (+809)

Vanguard Small Cap Index -  $7,404 (+$232)

Vanguard Total Bond Market Index - $15,036 (+$157)

Vanguard Total International Index - $14,064 (-$84.00)

Total: $74,951 ($+1114)

Dividend Received: $31.39 from total bond index fund.

Lending Club: $11,595 (+41.00) - I did not contribute anything here just gained from interest.


CC debt: $+2960 - I racked quite a bit of expense due to quitting my job and travel expense.

Personal Home: Regular Monthly payment.

Rental Home: Regular Monthly payment.

Previous month goals:

  • Contribute $2,000 + to my vanguard taxable account. (FAILED)
  • Purchase 2-5 dividend stock. (Completed)
  • Continue to save for upcoming vacation and possible job change in my checking account. Save $500

Goals for this month:

  • Nothing currently since I quit my job will need to save.

I am surprised that my net worth is up +320.00, I recently quit my job and accepted a new job. I will not start until the end of the year. So I will not have income coming in until the end of the year, but I will get some from my dividends. My expense will increase but I will try to minimize the expense. I am expecting to take some upcoming training and probably a decent vacation.

How did you do for the month of October?


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