October 2014 Recent Buy

These are my recent purchases for the month of October.

1) I purchases more of Eaton (ETN), Here my analysis from August when I last purchased it.

(ETN) Price have drop about -$6.04 since I last purchase it, so I decided to add more shares to my portfolio. In the long term I think this company will provide me with long term dividend.

I have initiated a buy of 24 shares at $62.48, Total: $1,506.76

2) Emerson (EMR) a diversified technology company, designs and supplies products and technology, and delivers engineering services and solutions to the industrial, commercial, and consumer markets worldwide.

P/E: 21.00 compare to industry P/E at 22.77

Dividend Yield: 3.00%

Dividend History: Over 30 years of paying dividends and slowly increasing.

52 week low: $57.76

I have initiated a buy of 24 shares at $61.83, Total: $1,491.16

Do you have any of these in your portfolio.

What did you purchase in the month of October?




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