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I have found these online tools to be very useful. I normally use them daily and seem to work great for me. Try it out and see if you like it.

Mint - is a free online budget tool, not only can you view all of your financial accounts. You can also create a goal, track your investment, and set a budget. Mint is a read only so they cannot transfer any of your money out. You can also view all your credit card and bank transaction if you add your account in. I use mint to keep track of my saving, investing, credit card, mortgage, and banking. Very useful tool so check it out.

Personal Capital - is almost the same as mint, but there investing section has more tools. I personally like the asset allocation tool, I can add all of my investment account and they automatically calculate my asset allocation, making it easier for me to rebalance. When you first register they will assign you with a financial adviser. I have never use the financial advisor before so I am not sure how much they will charge.

Let me know if there these tools help you. I am always open up to new suggestion to track my investment and budget better. So if you’re using a website or software that works better let me know. Any comments and idea will be helpful.

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