Volunteering Abroad

Which countries would you like to volunteer at?

So have you ever thought about volunteering abroad?

For the past couple of months I have been looking at abroad volunteering programs for when I go on my R&R from work. I recently found one and applied to it, the volunteering organization is called a broader view (ABV), I was accepted and I’m so excited and can’t wait until October for my program to start. I plan to go to Cusco, Peru for 2 week, taking a Spanish immersion class and helping out in a children orphanage center.

They have sent me a volunteering pre package so that I can book my tickets and guide on what I should bring and what to expect. I finally can give back to community and explore new culture, language, and meet local people and volunteers like me. I am also looking forward on trying out the local food and fruits they have over there. They also have information on getting my medical and immunization shots all updated. They recommend having an open mind and prepare to be flexible. I will be staying at a host family house and be able to live in a local Peru community and experience their life style.

I hope I can be a positive role model for the kids when I start the program. I only have 2 week, I can at least help out and see what the community need. Also I may learn additional skills from the Peru culture and local people. Since they don’t have a lot of resources like in the United States. This will be my first time volunteering oversea and I know that it will be an eye opener experience for me.

I am looking forward to do some traveling and definitely will check out Machu Picchu which is an ancient Inca empire on the peak of a mountain, and also if I have time I will go walk on the Inca trails. Hopefully I will meet the local people and also will attempt to speak Spanish, although I’m not fluent at all, but I am still willing to learn it. There is also another place that I heard is nice, it’s called Lake Titicaca and will also try to visit there if time permits it.

Now I will have to prepare and look at flight tickets and budget for it. As I am coming from Afghanistan and will stop at home in the states for a couple of days before I embark on my journey at Peru. So my traveling budget will probably be a lot because of the plane tickets. I will post another update when I return from my trip, I know it’s still early, but I am looking forward to this trip.

So have you thought about volunteering abroad?

If you have volunteer abroad before how was your experience?

What organization, country, and program you volunteer?



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